About Us

When looking at the world in 2007 I saw something I could have a hand in changing. So I tried the army. Didn’t do enough in my opinion. From there I had a setback. Addiction, health issues. After clarity of mind I found my passion in 2014. Business, when creating my first business it was a hustle and flow I found easy to replicate but not easy to manage from afar. Over the years of creation numerous successful business ventures and brick and mortar businesses. I’ve determined people matter the most when building something and I want to share my experiences and opinions with everyone while I’m on the clock or not. During business hours started as a pastime yet that wasn’t enough without content distribution. Now we’re in a day and age where time is the currency and your involvement in my content creation is paramount. Without viewers there are no creators. Without listeners there are no podcast. I’m driven by my need to share everything with the people around me to the benefit of myself my family and my friends. If you are interested to join the journey just join the ride.


Donations help against the inflation that’s hitting the economy and easing that against our channel and content. If you ever feel the need just know it’s going straight into production and only production. We appreciate it beyond measure and look forward to bringing our content to the world as fast as possible. We thank you for any and all support in channel sharing subscriptions and of course donations.